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Social Networking Through Text

Everyone is on every social network site out there by now.  Everywhere you turn, you have to follow someone, somewhere for something. That usually means you too have to create accounts on those sites, setup your profile, add pictures, make your account custom by uploading backgrounds, logos, and anything that separates you from the standard […]

Top 10 reasons to mimstr

Mimstr is a mobile marketing tool, but it’s also a communication tool.  What is communication anyway but marketing on a personal level. Think about it, you have something to share with all of your friends, so you send a single text out to your mimstr list to update them all on the most recent event […]

Mimstr vs. Twitter

It seems that only in the past few months, everyone has discovered Twitter.  It’s been around since 2006, but only has recently achieved Uber status where you can’t throw a stone without hitting someone who isn’t asking you to follow them on twitter. Mimstr has some similarities in that it’s a marketing tool that uses […]

Texting for profits

Texting, or SMS, has taken over the communication world for those under 40.  I can’t seem to talk to anyone anymore without being interrupted by them replying to no less than a dozen text messages from their ‘virtual’ friends. Being the communication medium of choice by the largest consumer market, marketing through text messaging seemed […]

Welcome to Mimstr!

Welcome to Mimstr, the new all-in-one marketing dashboard that allows users to send out broadcast mobile messages, bulk HTML emails while updating their twitter and facebook accounts all from the same interface! The fundamental premise behind mimstr is for companies to use it to send out digital coupons to their customers that offer incentives for […]