Building a Business Is Hard

Hello, and welcome.

If you’ve stumbled upon our blog, and in the process of building a business, then you’re in the right place!  We are building one too, so come along for the ride…

So, as you may have discovered, there are lots of resources out there to tell you how to start a business, and make it successful, but most of them are from companies that are already making cash, and growing.  While it’s great to hear what successful businesses did to get there, there is always a story that helped them kick things off that you never hear.

  • Who had the idea, and why?
  • How did they get their initial customer?
  • Where did they get the money to make their product or service?

Those are the questions I always had, and would always dig deeper to find out.  Inevitably, there was some connection to an investor, or initial customer that would help the business get the break that they needed.

Therefore, I thought I would bring you through the process as we are building our business here at mimstr.  Mimstr has been around for a long time, and has had some customers throughout the years, but without enough TLC, it has struggled to gain much traction and watched others grow to become huge hits.

I truly believe that this is our year though, and we are keenly focused on marketing and execution.  Execution is the key word here, and without that, nothing great will ever happen to your business.  Another key ingredient is persistence.  Mimstr has been around since 2008, and has evolved throughout the years, but overall has remained the same; a private group messaging service for stuff that matters.

To kick off our blog and video series taking you through this process, we will start with the #1 thing every business needs to do before it can be a business.  Ready?  Here it is:

  1. Solve a problem!
  2. Make it EASY!
  3. Make it intuitive!

Staples says it best with their EASY button.  Even though we can be intelligent, a complex solution will frustrate people and they won’t want it.

Rule #1 – Make your solution simple, easy to understand, and even fun to use!

I believe that is the reason Tinder became Tinder because even though there were lots of other dating sites and apps out there, Tinder was easy to swipe right or left with a flick of your thumb, and it is actually a little fun being able to search through endless singles in the comfort of your home, or with friends while out at happy hour.

So, I’ll leave you with that thought for this week.  Feel free to comment below, email us, and let us know what you’re doing to be financially free…

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