GoDaddy Network Alerts Powered by Mimstr

Recently, mimstr has found a new niche as a network alert service. Go Daddy has become the first to use mimstr’s group messaging for its network alerts.

Mimstr’s group messaging works seamlessly in Go Daddy’s application. When an issue is detected, an auto-generated email is sent to mimstr, which sends out an SMS message to the users on the list. The users then reply to the SMS message with their updates while resolving the issue, without ever making a single call.

It’s the most efficient method of communication during a crisis since those on call can quickly keep everyone informed with the latest information. When the issue has been resolved, everyone is immediately in-the-know without the hassle of hanging on a conference call.

Go Daddy was honored as the best security team by SC Magazine in 2011. Now, they trust their network monitoring to Mimstr’s group messaging.

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