Welcome to Mimstr!

Welcome to Mimstr, the new all-in-one marketing dashboard that allows users to send out broadcast mobile messages, bulk HTML emails while updating their twitter and facebook accounts all from the same interface!

The fundamental premise behind mimstr is for companies to use it to send out digital coupons to their customers that offer incentives for them to return, redeem their discount thus increasing revenue.

Mimstr differs from those other short code, auto responder services because it contains your brand name in every message it sends out.  Therefore, you can maintain your brand in every aspect of your marketing.  Short codes are usually shared and have to use keywords to identify your business, so your brand blends in with others and gets lost in the noise.

Because mimstr can be your one stop shop for your online marketing, you can reach out to your mobile savvy consumers, while blasting out to your existing email recipients, and also update your twitter account and facebook groups all at the same time without having to go to mutliple sites while maintaining your brand in every message.

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