Mimstr vs. Twitter

It seems that only in the past few months, everyone has discovered Twitter.  It’s been around since 2006, but only has recently achieved Uber status where you can’t throw a stone without hitting someone who isn’t asking you to follow them on twitter.

Mimstr has some similarities in that it’s a marketing tool that uses text messaging and can update multiple people at the same time.  That’s about where the similarities end.

Twitter is an online micro-blog where users can elect to receive mobile updates, but its not the default. Mimstr only works through mobile updates, so users that opt-in will always get your message on their phone.

Twitter is gaining popularity because it allows people to be heard by people they normally would have no access to like celebrities, news channels and companies.  It also allows people using twitter to market themselves by being heard daily keeping themselves in the forefront of the minds of their followers.  The downside of twitter, as I see it, is that it requires anyone who wants to participate to register and create an account.

Mimstr on the other hand, doesn’t require an account by people who want to participate in digital coupons from retailers, or even if they just want to be on their friend’s ski house event update list.

Therefore, mimstr is a tool that can be used by anyone with a mobile phone that can text, but doesn’t require them to even have a computer!  Twitter not only requires users to register, create an account and have a computer, but requires a little technical savviness to update your profile page and separate it from the crowd.

So, twitter is a great communication tool to keep people updated if you have something interesting to say, but mimstr is a better way to reach out directly to people since it’s main line of communication is through texting.  Twitter’s first line of communication is the web and texting is secondary.

Plus, I’m not sure I want to follow my favorite Italian restaurant on twitter, since I don’t think that they will have much to say that will intrigue me.

Twitter is great for events like following a golf tournament where the blogger can send quick updates on a player after each shot, and it may be easier to read on a mobile browser than to get constant text messages.

Mimstr, on the other hand, is better to get updates from that Italian restaurant to tell me that I can get a free tiramisu with this text message anytime this weekend.  Now that’s intriguing!

If you want to be popular, use twitter, if you want to increase revenue, use mimstr.

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