Texting for profits

Texting, or SMS, has taken over the communication world for those under 40.  I can’t seem to talk to anyone anymore without being interrupted by them replying to no less than a dozen text messages from their ‘virtual’ friends.

Being the communication medium of choice by the largest consumer market, marketing through text messaging seemed inevitable.  Meet Mimstr.

Companies can now reach their market directly by sending their customers incentives right to their mobile phones, and unlike print or radio advertising, mobile marketing is direclty measureable!

Having direct feedback on each marketing campaign is invaluable so that companies can tailor their campaigns for their specific goal; drum up business on slow days, increase sales of a certain item, or just offer loyal customers a discount.

Whatever the incentive is, mobile marketing has a solution.  Mimstr makes that possible with a straight forward, easy to use interface that is the same as any email web client, so everyone will feel right at home using it.  Mimstr is a completely turnkey solution where customers opt-in and opt-out voluntarily, so there are no mobile number lists to manage.

Therefore, all there is left to do is to get the word out you’re using mimstr, tell your customers and let them opt-in.  Then, draw them back with weekly incentives, or digital coupons as we like to call them and watch your business grow.

It’s quick, easy and all the rage.  What are you waiting for? Everyone’s doing it!  Join Mimstr today and start building up your business.

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