Using Broadcast Texting in Schools

It’s becoming a common occurrence on the news on whether teachers should allow cell phones in classrooms.  Back in the day, we just passed notes around, now kids are sending text messages while sitting next to each other.  Same philosophy, different technology.

Schools and teachers should turn this around and embrace the mobile phone era.  They can start using it to summon kids into the classroom, send reminders that homework is due, and even send out pop quiz alerts the day of.
The options are endless, but the idea is to use what the kids know best.  Mobile phones have become an extension of a teenage kid’s hand and most of what they do with them is text, not make calls, so to ignore and fight this technology will only end poorly for everyone.

Mimstr, a broadcast texting service or one can think of it as a chat room for text, is a free tool that schools can adopt to ease the communication gap between ‘old school’ and ‘new school’ ways of teaching.

It’s as easy as signing up, creating a mimstr address, or list if you will, and adding your recipients to the list.  Then, when you want to remind your students that the homework is due at 8am sharp tomorrow, send  a single message to your list address and voila, no more excuses that they forgot.

Texting can be a powerful tool used in the right way. Mimstr can be the next weapon in a teacher’s arsenal to keep close ties on the students; and even earn some respect since you’ll finally be speaking their ‘language’!

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