Group Messaging

Mimstr does more than just text. Mimstr enables you to send a single text to any number of people. If you want a group message, that's ok too, we can do that as well. If you just want to send out a message and not see anybody's snarky comments back, we got you covered...


Mimstr beautifully integrates email with your group text list. If you want your messages backed up to an email, just add it to the list. If you want an email to kick off a group text message, that works too. Or maybe, you just want to send an email blast to your friends about an upcoming event.

Unlimited Lists

Mimstr allows you to create as many lists as you can dream of. Other texting services limit you to 3, but why? Lists are free at Mimstr :) Create a list for all of your friends, one for your family, one for work, one for your sports team, or even one for your happy hour clan. However you wish to use Mimstr, we'll help you communicate with everyone you know.

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