Your Customers Are Just A Text Away

Most Text Messaging Platforms Are Transactional – mimstr Creates Human Focused Two-Way Conversations

Text your customers

Take it for a test drive

TEXT #txtimonial
to (480) 771-8808

Txtimonials are testimonials through text that generate feedback while building your text list for mobile marketing promotions.

Setup your business on mimstr in minutes.  Literally.

How SMS Can Help
Your Business

Txtimonials will build your mobile number marketing lists.

Add txtimonials to your website and social media to build trust with future customers.

Send broadcast text blasts to promote your business and generate new sales!

Mimstr has the full suite of services to run your mobile marketing from start to finish.

of customers would text companies if they knew a real person would respond.

Learn Your Business

After you sign up we will schedule a free call to discuss your SMS campaign.  We will help you decide exactly what to say.

Launch Your Campaign

The mimstr team will help you send out your first message, and go from idea to done.

Evaluate Results

Our platform has powerful ROI analytics that will help you track the results of your campaign.

Not Sure What To Text?​

Let the mimstr team help you create your campaign. It requires no prior experience and is free with your account!

Ways Your Business
Can Use Texting

A Customer Experience SMS Platform
That Doesn't Need an Agency to Use

On average, texts are read in 5 seconds of being sent.

Everyone likes a monkey.

Our REST API can integrate into tools your business currently uses.

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