Text your customers

74% of Consumers Prefer Texting with Businesses if a Real Person is Texting Back

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mimstr txtimonial in action
This interaction is tailored for a restaurant Txtimonial. Messages can be customized for any business!

Communicate with your customers the way they prefer – through text!



Be faster than your competition.  Don’t make customers wait on the phone

Texting is one of the quickest ways to communicate.

On average, texts are read in 5 seconds of being sent. Now that’s fast!



Keep it simple. No more call routing and choosing options.

Giving your clients the option to text is like giving them a monkey. Everyone likes a monkey.



mimstr can integrate easily with your current Chat, CRM and Ticketing system.

Our REST API can integrate into any tool your business currently uses.

Take it for a test drive

TEXT #mimstr
to (480) 771-8808

Mimstr is a multi-service SMS platform designed for all of your small business customer engagement needs.

Setup your business on mimstr in minutes.  Literally.

You can use the mimstr website, or integrate into your existing tools through our API to keep user experience the same.



Mimstr messages are sent and received like any other text message.

If you can text, you can Mimstr.

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