2-way b2c SMS With Customers

Customer experience is king when it comes to acquiring, and keeping customers.

How customers interact with you and your business can make or break a relationship.

It’s become standard practice for local businesses that you work with regularly to send texts for reminders, surveys, and even birthday messages.

The problem is that they still require you as the user to click a link to do something on a webpage, or to call their business number for scheduling and canceling appointments.

But, what if you could just reply to their text message like any other text you receive and actually chat with someone at the business to help you out.

Well, mimstr.com does just that, two-way SMS messaging.

As you can see in this demonstration, by sending the reminder I received for my next hair appointment through mimstr.com, I’m able to directly respond from my phone.

Then, an employee at the business will see that message and have the abiltity to have a one-on-one conversation with that customer, as if they were friends texting each other.

As you can see, the employee can ask the customer when they are available and provide times for those days without the customer having to search through multiple links and calendars on the website link sent in the text.

Then, once they agree on a day and time, the customer is booked and now has a direct line back to the business to change or cancel that appointment if needed!

A much better, more efficient and personal experience for a customer that will make them happy to do business with that salon since they make interacting with them a breeze!

Visit mimstr.com to register today or just to text #mimstr to 1-480-771-6034 and say, “Hey!”

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