Mind Body Online Integration

MindBodyOnline AutoScheduler Integration

If your business integrates with MindBodyOnline, you need to drop everything you’re doing for the next 60 seconds and watch this video! Especially if you’re a gym or a salon!

mimstr.com has fully integrated its SMS platform into MBO in order for users to be able to auto schedule appointments using only text.

NO Web forms

NO numbers to call

NO Emails to send

Simple ol’ SMS.

You can book an appt in less than a minute, AND the business can text you back through the same number so you can change or cancel your appointment if needed.


Now, if you’re a business owner and are not using SMS for booking, you’re missing a huge opportunity to create the best customer experience for your clients.

Visit mimstr.com to register today or just to text #mimstr to 1-480-771-6034 and say, “Hey!”

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