Group Messaging with Mimstr

Hello, today we are going to show how to use group messaging for internal communications whether its among your internal staff, or team at work..

Mimstr has the ability to create lists that can be used either for broadcast messaging, one-to-many, or group messaging, many-to-many

Let’s get started to show you how you can create or change a list from broadcast to group messaging

Once you have logged in, you can see that we have a few numbers under our account in the left navigation, each with 1 or more lists attached to that number..

To review, each list represents a group of numbers that can be unique or even be the same numbers across lists used for different purposes.

The way you create or change a list from broadcast to group messaging is under Settings. Click the Settings link in the menu bar, and you’ll see that each list has a drop down with Broadcast or Group Messaging as an option. Change this dropdown to Group Messaging, and now every text someone sends in that list will go to everyone else in the list. You literally can toggle the same list from Broadcast to Group and back to Broadcast and have it behave accordingly in real-time!

Creating a new group messaging list is as simple as clicking the “Add New List” button, scrolling to the bottom, creating a list name, changing the Opt-In button, selecting either baast or group messaging in the dropdown. and then selecting which phone number that list will be attached to.

Here are some screenshots of what the group thread looks like. You can see that the messages are tagged with a username and not the persons’ number, so there is an anonymous factor built into the messaging so that in a co-worker environment, you’re not giving out your number to anyone that you may not want to have it.

So, to summarize, every list in mimstr can be either a broadcasting or group messaging list, and can be changed at any time so that you can convert from one to the other with the flick of a dropdown.

That’s our demo for today, please reach out by texting #mimstr to 480-771-6034 to start a conversation! Thanks for watching!

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