Welcome to Mimstr!

Welcome to Mimstr, an all-in-one messaging platform.

Most Text Messaging Platforms Are Transactional – mimstr Creates Human Focused Two-Way Conversations

Unlike other text messaging platforms, mimstr gives you the tools and the support to create, launch and evaluate your campaigns.

Ways Your Business Can Use Texting:

  • Customer Engagement – Allow customers to engage quickly, easily, and the way they prefer…text.
  • Broadcast Texting – Broadcast a single message to any number of mobile numbers for current deals or announcements.
  • Group Messaging – Group messaging in mimstr is the same as with your friends where all responses are sent to everyone on the list.
  • Autoresponder – Mimstr’s autoresponder capability allows a business to set up various scenarios that can intelligently respond based on customer input.
  • Txtimonials – Txtimonials are testimonials through text (see what we did there?)

Mimstr is a multi-service SMS platform designed for all of your small business customer engagement needs.

Setup your business on mimstr in minutes.  Literally.

You can use the mimstr website, or integrate into your existing tools through our API to keep user experience the same.

A Customer Experience SMS Platform That Doesn’t Need an Agency to Use!

Text #mimstr to 1-480-771-6034 to start a conversation!

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