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All new API

Mimstr has an all new application programming interface, or API. We spent the better part of last year improving our developer interface so that it’s that much easier to integrate with our messaging platform. We also updated our look & feel to keep up with the ever changing web and mobile devices out there. We …

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Group Messaging

Everyone has incorporated texting into their daily lives. It seems to be much more common to hear people give out their mobile numbers in business, where a few short years ago wouldn’t have been considered.  The traditional phone call just takes too long in a day where a simple message will do and time is …

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Mimstr vs. Twitter

It seems that only in the past few months, everyone has discovered Twitter.  It’s been around since 2006, but only has recently achieved Uber status where you can’t throw a stone without hitting someone who isn’t asking you to follow them on twitter. Mimstr has some similarities in that it’s a marketing tool that uses …

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