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Online Dating Privacy

So, you’re dating and using all of the online apps, but you’re still not comfortable handing out your mobile number to everyone you swipe right with?  We don’t blame you, and have a solution that will make that part of the encounter much less intimidating. Mimstr’s platform assigns you a 10-digit phone number when you […]

Executing on Your New Business Idea

  Hey internet, Welcome to Episode 3 of this video series where we discuss Building a business and talk about  mistakes, successes, and road to happiness because It’s all about the journey.. Last time we talked about the ingredients needed to start a business where you should solve a problem, make it easy and intuitive!  […]

Building a Business is Hard – Episode 2

Episode 2 goes through the 3 questions you should consider when starting a business, or creating a new product or service.  There are lots more questions too, but these are the ones that are the most important to consider before you dive into financials, marketing, markets, competition, etc.  Thanks for watching!

Building a Business Is Hard

Hello, and welcome. If you’ve stumbled upon our blog, and in the process of building a business, then you’re in the right place!  We are building one too, so come along for the ride… So, as you may have discovered, there are lots of resources out there to tell you how to start a business, […]

iPhone Mobile App

After many years of on and off again app development, we are happy to announce that the mimstr mobile app for iPhone is available in the App store today! The mobile app was created to make it easier to find, register and buy messages for your mimstr group messaging lists. All of your messaging through […]

All new API

Mimstr has an all new application programming interface, or API. We spent the better part of last year improving our developer interface so that it’s that much easier to integrate with our messaging platform. We also updated our look & feel to keep up with the ever changing web and mobile devices out there. We […]

GoDaddy Network Alerts Powered by Mimstr

Recently, mimstr has found a new niche as a network alert service. Go Daddy has become the first to use mimstr’s group messaging for its network alerts. Mimstr’s group messaging works seamlessly in Go Daddy’s application. When an issue is detected, an auto-generated email is sent to mimstr, which sends out an SMS message to […]

Group Messaging

Everyone has incorporated texting into their daily lives. It seems to be much more common to hear people give out their mobile numbers in business, where a few short years ago wouldn’t have been considered.  The traditional phone call just takes too long in a day where a simple message will do and time is […]

Brothers and Sisters

ASU is the first college to have a fraternity using Mimstr’s text broadcasting capabilities. It’s become ingrained in their daily lives, so much that they now can’t live without it. Mimstr allows them to send out SMS broadcasts right from their phones or the website if they choose. It also allows them to have SMS […]