Building a Business is Hard – Episode 2

Episode 2 goes through the 3 questions you should consider when starting a business, or creating a new product or service.  There are lots more questions too, but these are the ones that are the most important to consider before you dive into financials, marketing, markets, competition, etc.  Thanks for watching!

Social Networking Through Text

Everyone is on every social network site out there by now.  Everywhere you turn, you have to follow someone, somewhere for something.

That usually means you too have to create accounts on those sites, setup your profile, add pictures, make your account custom by uploading backgrounds, logos, and anything that separates you from the standard template.

Who’s got the time (besides high school or college kids)?!

What if you just wanted to talk to your group of friends on your phone, but without setting up a huge list of numbers in your address book?  You may not even have everyone you want to chat with in your phone.

The solution is mimstr.  Mimstr allows groups of any kind to chat through text.  One person has to register on the mimstr website, but once they do, everyone else can join the group just by sending a text or email with their number in the message to the new list name and voila, they are added to the list!

Once everyone is on the list, you can start ‘text chatting’, which is my term for having a chat room type of discussion through text with countless number of people.

Let’s say you are meeting a bunch of friends on a Friday night and everyone is driving separately.  So, you get stuck in traffic, so you send out a quick message, ‘Hey running late, stuck on the expressway up at 95th street’.  Now, everyone gets your message and learns two things; 1) you’ll be late, and 2). Don’t take 95th street!

Then, say someone reaches the destination first and finds out it’s closed for a private party. They can then send a message to everyone, ‘Our hangout is closed, let’s meet at the other place one block over’.  Boom! Everyone is updated and knows the new plan without making a hundred calls trying to track down where everyone else is.

Get the picture?  So, mimstr enables group texting with ease and minimal setup time.  Most of the users never have to even go online!  Once they opt-in from their phone, they’re done and send and receive messages like they would any other text to a single person.

That’s just one way in which mimstr can be used from the individual standpoint.  Stay tuned for further updates on how retailers can use it and how it’s being used today.

Texting for profits

Texting, or SMS, has taken over the communication world for those under 40.  I can’t seem to talk to anyone anymore without being interrupted by them replying to no less than a dozen text messages from their ‘virtual’ friends.

Being the communication medium of choice by the largest consumer market, marketing through text messaging seemed inevitable.  Meet Mimstr.

Companies can now reach their market directly by sending their customers incentives right to their mobile phones, and unlike print or radio advertising, mobile marketing is direclty measureable!

Having direct feedback on each marketing campaign is invaluable so that companies can tailor their campaigns for their specific goal; drum up business on slow days, increase sales of a certain item, or just offer loyal customers a discount.

Whatever the incentive is, mobile marketing has a solution.  Mimstr makes that possible with a straight forward, easy to use interface that is the same as any email web client, so everyone will feel right at home using it.  Mimstr is a completely turnkey solution where customers opt-in and opt-out voluntarily, so there are no mobile number lists to manage.

Therefore, all there is left to do is to get the word out you’re using mimstr, tell your customers and let them opt-in.  Then, draw them back with weekly incentives, or digital coupons as we like to call them and watch your business grow.

It’s quick, easy and all the rage.  What are you waiting for? Everyone’s doing it!  Join Mimstr today and start building up your business.

Welcome to Mimstr!

Welcome to Mimstr, the new all-in-one marketing dashboard that allows users to send out broadcast mobile messages, bulk HTML emails while updating their twitter and facebook accounts all from the same interface!

The fundamental premise behind mimstr is for companies to use it to send out digital coupons to their customers that offer incentives for them to return, redeem their discount thus increasing revenue.

Mimstr differs from those other short code, auto responder services because it contains your brand name in every message it sends out.  Therefore, you can maintain your brand in every aspect of your marketing.  Short codes are usually shared and have to use keywords to identify your business, so your brand blends in with others and gets lost in the noise.

Because mimstr can be your one stop shop for your online marketing, you can reach out to your mobile savvy consumers, while blasting out to your existing email recipients, and also update your twitter account and facebook groups all at the same time without having to go to mutliple sites while maintaining your brand in every message.