Group Messaging

Everyone has incorporated texting into their daily lives. It seems to be much more common to hear people give out their mobile numbers in business, where a few short years ago wouldn’t have been considered.  The traditional phone call just takes too long in a day where a simple message will do and time is of the essence.

The next progression is trending towards texting to groups of people.  This is where more than two people want to text each other.  Group messaging allows multiple people to text each other just as if they all were in an IM chat together.

This type of texting opens up huge opportunities for social groups, clubs, businesses, sales orgranizations, etc, to have instant communication with everyone required to be a recipient, but at the same time, everyone isn’t required to have everyone else’s number in their phone because that may be impossible to coordinate.  Also, everyone may not want everyone else to know their number, so using a service that stores everyone’s number and links their number with their name makes it more intuitive and secure.

Mimstr now handles group messaging with ease. You can create lists for every one of your groups, so each group can be super specific and each group can have (almost) unlimited number of numbers.  Then you can tag each number with the owner’s name and voila, you’re ready to group text.  The responses all get tagged automatically with the user’s name, so the process of sending a group message is no different sending a single text to a friend.

With it being this easy, texting will soon be supersized so that everyone will have their own lists of friends, and coworkers they communicate with en masse.  Mimstr makes that possible now!

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