Executing on Your New Business Idea

Last time we talked about the ingredients needed to start a business where you should solve a problem, make it easy and intuitive!  Always remember that Staples EASY button !

So, this week I wanted to touch on the next step, which is Execution!  That’s the hardest part of the business and usually where people fall short.  Everyone has great ideas, some even try to act on them, but to truly make it a business, you have to follow through until your product or service is available to the public.  Most people always have the same problem; Where do I start??

Starting is the hardest part of any business, and how to go about doing it can vary depending on what it is.  With a software product, you need to either know how to write software, or find someone who does, and if you go the latter route, be prepared to open your wallet!

Starting is the hardest part of any business, and how to go about doing it can vary depending on what it is.

With a software product, you need to either know how to write software, or find someone who does, and if you go the latter route, be prepared to open your wallet!

For this video, I’m going to give myself a selfish plug and discuss the Ultimate Men’s undershirt I’m creating since I’ve gotten it to the place where I’m ready to go into full production after making many samples, and putting them through the wash & wear tests.

So, let’s start with what I have now, the last and final sample, and then I can explain how it went from inception as an idea, to this shirt that I can wear & wash just like it was something I bought in Nordstroms…

The idea came from a real world problem I had myself, as well as every other male where our undershirts that once fit when new, shrink in the dryer, and after going through a few loads of laundry, they become smaller, and tighter than the originals.  That leads to the most annoying clothing problem a man can have, besides a wedgie, where your undershirt pulls out of your pants and bunches up around your belt line!!  Grrrr!

Once that happens, you have to try to tuck everything back in discreetly, or constantly go to the men’s room and fix your undershirt & pants.  Have I mentioned how annoying that can be?!

So, about 2 years ago, I decided I wanted to try to make something that wasn’t software related, and I embarked on making the perfect men’s undershirt.  Where to start!??

Well, the material was the fist place I wanted to start because I always hated cotton Tees.  They aren’t soft, and they shrink and eventually feel like a canvas sack that doesn’t move with your body.  Therefore, I knew cotton wasn’t going to be my main fabric of choice ( but I was willing to have a blend with it hidden deep inside something way better)

I started researching other company’s renewable and organic tees, and bamboo seemed to be the most popular fabric choice, along with a few other sustainable ones.  I discovered that some were even made from recycled water bottles!  So, I bought a few different styles and fabrics to see which was my favorite.

Bamboo + cotton sprinkled with a little bit of spandex turned out to be the winner.  Perfect, so now i had a fabric, and a t-shirt, but now I needed a pattern for my particular  design.  But how do I make a pattern!!??!

I knew that wasn’t something I wanted to tackle, so I found a seamstress that had experience with production and so I contracted her to take my basic T-shirt, and add my secret sauce.

Great! After a few weeks, I had a pattern, so now I needed some of my own fabric that would make this the softest, most desirable undershirt on the planet.

I shopped online, found a fabric retailer, ordered some that was closest to what I wanted, bamboo+cotton, and bamboo + cotton + spandex, and I was on my way.

Once I got the fabric, I had the seamstress make me my first shirt sample!  Boy, there are a lot of things to know about shirts between the different types of seams, collars, and terms, terms, terms.. Who knew clothing was so technical!? I was doing this because I wanted something that WASN’T technical, and here I am knee deep in science & technology again.  At least I was prepared, and armed with some engineering background…

Skipping ahead, that was 6 samples ago, and almost 2 years in the making, but now I’m finally ready to make a full scale production run with this sample here.  I’ve worn & washed it for months, and I’m ready for the men out there that hate their shrunken Tees to try something great, and won’t break the bank.

I should mention that this process isn’t for the faint of heart, or wallet.   I’ve spent a few thousand dollars on this final sample by going through the pattern adjusting, and continued sample production phases, but it’s been a great learning process, and I couldn’t have done it without the help of Angela & Sherri of Fabric, the fashion one-stop-shop business in Tempe, AZ.  They have been instrumental in this process, and are the magicians behind the curtain.

Yes, yes, I know most of you will immediately say you don’t have a place like that in your city, but you don’t need one because you can use Fabric remotely, or you can always find a local seamstress that has surely worked in production and can help make your patterns, do the grading, and sew you some samples!  After your get some samples, you’re ready to use a large scale manufacturing company which can be found in large cities near you.

So, there it is my friends, Execution from idea to product in 10 short minutes, after almost 2 years of my life getting to this point.  I hope that example was a good one to use to show how you would start researching any product you want to make, and the steps you should follow to achieve your goals.

Remember, you shouldn’t try to boil the ocean and complete your sample all at once. You have to break down the product into it’s atomic parts, and work on solving those problems one at a time.  Once you solve the atomic pieces, you’ll be ready to assemble the parts in order to make the final product.  The process is the same no matter what the end product is.  Once you master the process, you’ll be ready to conquer the world.

Thanks again for watching, listening and hopefully being entertained as well as learning a thing or two.

Next episode will be about customer service, because that’s the key to any success story, and the one I’m going to showcase is so under the radar, you will be surprised but it’s probably the reason they are still in business… Stay tuned and always remember, NEVER GIVE UP!

Building a Business is Hard – Episode 2

Episode 2 goes through the 3 questions you should consider when starting a business, or creating a new product or service.  There are lots more questions too, but these are the ones that are the most important to consider before you dive into financials, marketing, markets, competition, etc.  Thanks for watching!

Starting A Business Video Series – Introduction

I decided to start making videos to get all of my thoughts, and experience into a format that people might actually watch. Therefore, here is the first one, a little introduction to kick things off.

Building a Business Is Hard

Hello, and welcome.

If you’ve stumbled upon our blog, and in the process of building a business, then you’re in the right place!  We are building one too, so come along for the ride…

So, as you may have discovered, there are lots of resources out there to tell you how to start a business, and make it successful, but most of them are from companies that are already making cash, and growing.  While it’s great to hear what successful businesses did to get there, there is always a story that helped them kick things off that you never hear.

  • Who had the idea, and why?
  • How did they get their initial customer?
  • Where did they get the money to make their product or service?

Those are the questions I always had, and would always dig deeper to find out.  Inevitably, there was some connection to an investor, or initial customer that would help the business get the break that they needed.

Therefore, I thought I would bring you through the process as we are building our business here at mimstr.  Mimstr has been around for a long time, and has had some customers throughout the years, but without enough TLC, it has struggled to gain much traction and watched others grow to become huge hits.

I truly believe that this is our year though, and we are keenly focused on marketing and execution.  Execution is the key word here, and without that, nothing great will ever happen to your business.  Another key ingredient is persistence.  Mimstr has been around since 2008, and has evolved throughout the years, but overall has remained the same; a private group messaging service for stuff that matters.

To kick off our blog and video series taking you through this process, we will start with the #1 thing every business needs to do before it can be a business.  Ready?  Here it is:

  1. Solve a problem!
  2. Make it EASY!
  3. Make it intuitive!

Staples says it best with their EASY button.  Even though we can be intelligent, a complex solution will frustrate people and they won’t want it.

Rule #1 – Make your solution simple, easy to understand, and even fun to use!

I believe that is the reason Tinder became Tinder because even though there were lots of other dating sites and apps out there, Tinder was easy to swipe right or left with a flick of your thumb, and it is actually a little fun being able to search through endless singles in the comfort of your home, or with friends while out at happy hour.

So, I’ll leave you with that thought for this week.  Feel free to comment below, email us, and let us know what you’re doing to be financially free…

iPhone Mobile App

After many years of on and off again app development, we are happy to announce that the mimstr mobile app for iPhone is available in the App store today!

The mobile app was created to make it easier to find, register and buy messages for your mimstr group messaging lists. All of your messaging through mimstr still happens in your regular messaging application, like iMessage on iPhones for example.

With the mimstr app, you have the ability to see your message usage, current available message count, and know when you’re close to empty so you can refill your account. All of the purchasing is done through the App store, so no credit cards needed. All you need is an Apple ID, and you’re ready to go.

The Android version will follow soon, so all purchases will be done through the Play Store as well.

Since you made it this far, go ahead and download the mobile app right here.

All new API

Mimstr has an all new application programming interface, or API. We spent the better part of last year improving our developer interface so that it’s that much easier to integrate with our messaging platform.

We also updated our look & feel to keep up with the ever changing web and mobile devices out there. We have a fully responsive website so you can send messages from anywhere using our site until we come out with our mobile app.

Now, both small and large businesses can easily integrate with mimstr to immediately have messaging capabilities. Everyone is using texting these days to quickly communicate with their customers. Even dentists and doctors are texting their patients with appointment reminders!

If you want to explore your options, check out our pricing page and sign up for our free 14 day trial.

Download the Mobile App today!

GoDaddy Network Alerts Powered by Mimstr

Recently, mimstr has found a new niche as a network alert service. Go Daddy has become the first to use mimstr’s group messaging for its network alerts.

Mimstr’s group messaging works seamlessly in Go Daddy’s application. When an issue is detected, an auto-generated email is sent to mimstr, which sends out an SMS message to the users on the list. The users then reply to the SMS message with their updates while resolving the issue, without ever making a single call.

It’s the most efficient method of communication during a crisis since those on call can quickly keep everyone informed with the latest information. When the issue has been resolved, everyone is immediately in-the-know without the hassle of hanging on a conference call.

Go Daddy was honored as the best security team by SC Magazine in 2011. Now, they trust their network monitoring to Mimstr’s group messaging.

Click here to get the Mobile App today!

Group Messaging

Everyone has incorporated texting into their daily lives. It seems to be much more common to hear people give out their mobile numbers in business, where a few short years ago wouldn’t have been considered.  The traditional phone call just takes too long in a day where a simple message will do and time is of the essence.

The next progression is trending towards texting to groups of people.  This is where more than two people want to text each other.  Group messaging allows multiple people to text each other just as if they all were in an IM chat together.

This type of texting opens up huge opportunities for social groups, clubs, businesses, sales orgranizations, etc, to have instant communication with everyone required to be a recipient, but at the same time, everyone isn’t required to have everyone else’s number in their phone because that may be impossible to coordinate.  Also, everyone may not want everyone else to know their number, so using a service that stores everyone’s number and links their number with their name makes it more intuitive and secure.

Mimstr now handles group messaging with ease. You can create lists for every one of your groups, so each group can be super specific and each group can have (almost) unlimited number of numbers.  Then you can tag each number with the owner’s name and voila, you’re ready to group text.  The responses all get tagged automatically with the user’s name, so the process of sending a group message is no different sending a single text to a friend.

With it being this easy, texting will soon be supersized so that everyone will have their own lists of friends, and coworkers they communicate with en masse.  Mimstr makes that possible now!

Get the New Mobile App today!

Brothers and Sisters

ASU is the first college to have a fraternity using Mimstr’s text broadcasting capabilities. It’s become ingrained in their daily lives, so much that they now can’t live without it.

Mimstr allows them to send out SMS broadcasts right from their phones or the website if they choose. It also allows them to have SMS chats if they so choose where everyone can contribute to the text conversation.

Mimstr is an extraordinary SMS broadcasting tool for this and many other applications, but more and more fraternities and sororities need to start adopting Mimstr for their daily events.

Mimstr is the best overall value for organizations with low budgets, like college students in frats and sororities.

If you’re one of those students and visiting this site, go ahead and register your chapter right now and get started today! Click here to get the mobile app today.

Using Broadcast Texting in Schools

It’s becoming a common occurrence on the news on whether teachers should allow cell phones in classrooms.  Back in the day, we just passed notes around, now kids are sending text messages while sitting next to each other.  Same philosophy, different technology.

Schools and teachers should turn this around and embrace the mobile phone era.  They can start using it to summon kids into the classroom, send reminders that homework is due, and even send out pop quiz alerts the day of.
The options are endless, but the idea is to use what the kids know best.  Mobile phones have become an extension of a teenage kid’s hand and most of what they do with them is text, not make calls, so to ignore and fight this technology will only end poorly for everyone.

Mimstr, a broadcast texting service or one can think of it as a chat room for text, is a free tool that schools can adopt to ease the communication gap between ‘old school’ and ‘new school’ ways of teaching.

It’s as easy as signing up, creating a mimstr address, or list if you will, and adding your recipients to the list.  Then, when you want to remind your students that the homework is due at 8am sharp tomorrow, send  a single message to your list address and voila, no more excuses that they forgot.

Texting can be a powerful tool used in the right way. Mimstr can be the next weapon in a teacher’s arsenal to keep close ties on the students; and even earn some respect since you’ll finally be speaking their ‘language’!